Hornton 6
Date:18 Jul 2009
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Although the race started in rain, later it cleared. And HRR had a fine evening as we came away with 7 prizes. They are given in the list below. We (actually, Susan Turner, Adrienne Hopkins and Claire Burley) also won the Ladies Team Prize, which seems to be usual these days.

And well done Claire, who in her second race came away with two prizes!

As it was raining at the start, Kit thought he'd have to take his lamp chops home again but after the race he discovered it was going to be OK as they had moved the barbeque to under the trees.

For me, Graham's red shorts came ever closer as the race hill-ed onwards and onwards. At the finish, he was only 27 seconds ahead of me. Afterwards I wondered whether I should have tried harder earlier in the race, but I guess he would have forgotten Sunday's Half at High Wycombe if I had tried to tear pass him in the final straight, attempting to deprive him both of his bottle of wine for 3MV60 and the first MV60 position in today's HRR RC race!

The legendry Mick and Phil wheelchaired round starting 10 minutes before the race and finishing 3 minutes before the final runner. They were also doing the Wycombe Half Marathon and said the Hornton 6 had been a good warm-up for it.

The race was well marshalled and there was a good atmosphere: a very pleasant evening.

Pos Name Cat Time Prize/pb
1 first finisher 00:33:09
3 Gary Harris MS 00:34:19 3MS
11 Richard Skilbeck MS 00:36:35
20 Ian Meadowcroft MV40 00:37:50
42 Mark Herd MV40 00:41:27
46 Susan Turner FV35 00:41:58 2 lady & FV35
50 Adrienne Hopkins FV35 00:42:36 3 lady & FV35
59 Geoff Burke MV40 00:44:04
62 Claire Burley FS 00:44:09 1FS
64 Sarah Farrow FV45 00:44:10 1FV45
79 Graham Norris MV60 00:47:16 3MV60
81 Barry Cornelius MV60 00:47:43
83 Robert Green MV50 00:48:24
94 Ross Logan MV40 00:51:25 pb
114 Kit Villiers MV60 00:57:12
118 Sheila Doel FV55 00:57:46 3FV55
126 last finisher 01:08:48  
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