Chiltern League Race 2 - Luton Wigmore Valley
Date:07 Nov 2009
Distance:c.3m & 6m
Full results:
Comments:What an eventful afternoon this was, not one but two accidents on the M40 split the HRR convoy despite hurried mobile calls and very sudden manouvers to exit the motorway. Only 4 women made it to the start line Helen and Lisa with seconds to spare, it was brilliant that the team managed to maintain our overall third position. The mens race was delayed by 15 mins and consequently some of our displaced ladies were able to run in the longer event and score for the team (I spot a future quiz question !). This was enough to push the men's team up into 6th spot after two races with prospects of even better things to come.
Special mention to our debutants Jason, Charlotte and Lisa, it ain't usually like this folks!
17Chris Dettmar29.46M12
50Roger Thetford32.07M409
53Jason Smith32.10M27
61Chris Prince32.32M4014
76Martin Dunmore33.19M37
82Laurie Hurman33.30M505
99Jude Craft34.23F351
117Alan Darbyshire35.34M4033
120Laura Kyte35.39F1
129Andy Phelps36.09M4039
151Sandra Wolanski38.17F451
161Charlotte Harris39.20F2
182John Worth41.17M4060
198Helen Turley43.43F551
216Ricky Cherry52.59M4068
217Kit Villiers60.00M6019
6Helen Barnes22.17F6
13Frances Burge23.43F12
41Lisa Shaw27.12F
43Polly Owens27.15F33
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Entered by: John Griffiths

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