Finchley 20
Date:28 Mar 2010
Distance:20 m
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Comments:Ideal running conditions for the Finchley 20 run in North West London. A good pre-spring marathon run out with 4 laps of 5 miles which was fine. Great Marshall's especially the lady at 4,9,14 and 19 who I think must have been on something to cheer so loud on her own. Would I recommend it? Yes.
1 Bertie Powell 1h51m 44s
150 Geoff Burke 2h37m 26s
276 Alistair Felton 2h53m 28s (pb)
311 Manuel Stone 2h58m 23s
327 Steve Cowls 2h59m 54s
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Entered by: Geoff Burke

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