Thame 10k
Date:27 Jun 2010
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Comments:Phew, what a scorcher! Sadly in my case that refers to the temperature, not my speed. I felt sorry for the race organizer before the start as he made increasingly desparate pleas for a car to be moved, but as the race progressed it was hard to feel sorry for anyone other than myself! Lots of people were really struggling in the heat, but the race was well organized and there was support along the way from locals and from the very enthusiastic marshalls. Congratulations to Julien L'Homme for his third place finish, and to Graham Day for keeping us all "entertained" with his vuvuzela!
Pos Bib Time Name Cat. Cat Pos. Chip Time Chip Pos.
374334:01:00Julien L'HommeMS334:00:003
1667337:25:00Richard SkilbeckMS1037:23:0016
2567238:24:00Richard BaskervilleMV1038:22:0025
3452339:21:00Fraser HowardMS1739:16:0034
6095441:10:00Alan DarbyshireMV2441:04:0060
7458142:06:00Chris PrinceMV2942:01:0074
12921744:44:00Charlotte HarrisFS1044:36:00129
14576646:04:00Neil MowforthMS5646:01:00151
18375547:41:00Alistair FeltonMS7747:36:00189
18771547:53:00Philip MundayMV5347:43:00194
19082047:56:00Polly OwensFS1747:47:00196
20558948:27:00Graham NorrisMUV448:16:00210
21771748:49:00Emma CroftFS1848:40:00229
26170550:24:00Matthew JohnsonMSV2750:02:00265
26970650:44:00Imogen MatthewsFSV850:24:00272
29916151:57:00Barry CorneliusMSV3451:47:00306
32683353:03:00Manuel StoneMSV3752:47:00327
38356955:29:00Rachel IliffFS3554:51:00376
4337557:42:00David BarronMSV4757:02:00430
43781957:45:00Sarah O'DriscollFS4457:22:00441
43920057:50:00Richard ClarkeMV10657:20:00439
46083758:24:00Andrew SulleyMV11257:40:00448
50486759:49:00Stefan SzynakaMUV1359:28:00513
51451301:00:09Graham DayMV12159:46:00524
55574501:01:35Andrew MundayMV12401:00:52553
56792901:02:13Kit VilliersMUV1501:01:54576
80067701:18:32Roger SummersMSV7501:17:52802
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Entered by: David Barron

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