National XC Championships – Parliament Hill

Date: 26th Feb 2022
Distance: Women 8km, Men 12km
Full results:
Type: XC
Comments: Parliament Hill delivered again yesterday in the only way that Parliament Hill can! Fantastic conditions above ground with clear blue sky and sunshine with spectacular views over the London skyline. The course was typically heavy going for long stretches and provided its usual test of strength and endurance. The sight of stray running spikes, prized from the feet of juniors in the earlier races by the suction forces of the mud gave us an indication of what was to come! 21 HRRs made it around the course with our women finishing 47/104 teams and our men 70/132. The size of the fields was the largest I have known in a National with over 1000 women and 2000 men finishing. It looked like we had the largest representation of seniors from the Oxfordshire based clubs and really great to fly the HRR flag at such a significant national event. Well done and thank you to everybody who competed. (Richard Skilbeck)
Pos Name Gun time
163 Leonie Glasson 00:36:00
363 Rachel Shaw 00:39:54
481 Madeleine Ding 00:42:08
488 Lucy Goddard 00:42:17
614 Nicola Oldroyd 00:44:55
675 Yvonne Morris 00:46:21
798 Rosie Winder 00:49:18
906 Sandra Harding-Brown 00:53:52
951 Rosemary Cameron 00:57:30
412 Tom Dobra 00:51:26
649 Galen Aymar 00:54:39
703 James Eve 00:55:19
796 Andrew Bradley 00:56:36
1065 Richard Skilbeck 01:00:21
1125 See Wah Cheng 01:01:15
1147 Laurie Wilkinson 01:01:30
1219 Neil Pinnell 01:02:26
1274 Oliver Robertson 01:03:18
1382 Simon Venn 01:04:57
1408 Chris Woodruff 01:05:26
1476 Peter Hellawell 01:06:48
1749 Duncan Henning 01:11:39
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