OMM 2009

Date: 24th Oct 2009
Distance: various
Full results:
Type: XC
Comments: Frances was heard to say at registration: "Usually before a race you can look around, see several fat blokes and think to yourself that there's at least someone you can beat. I can't see any fat blokes here." Neville's Score courses were good, but lots of teams were late back having got caught out by the areas of tussocks; anyone not used to that sort of terrain suffered badly. Jethro Lennox (ex-HRR) and his partner won the elite class, which is the biggest mountain-marathon achievement of the year. Jethro was delighted, and more animated than I'd ever seen him before.
Elite ClassMark Richards & Rick Ansell33rd
B ClassJohn Worth & Pete Godwin72nd
Long ScoreKirsty Hewitson & Liz Barker92nd1st Fem Team
Medium ScoreAnne Edwards & Scott Collier37th1st Mixed Team
Medium ScoreMarie Anne Fischer & Morten Lennholm158th
Medium ScoreAndrea Hayslop & Jenna Jagodzinska162nd
Short ScoreFrances Burge & Roger Thetford31st
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