Oxfordshire County Road Relays

Date: 27th Apr 2014
Distance: 5.3km
Type: Road
Comments: It stayed dry and a good fun afternoon was had by all. Thanks to everybody who competed - 36 HRR in total was a great turn-out. The Vet ladies Team were 2nd overall and the Vet Mens Team were 2nd in category. Congratulations to Diane Moore who kept up her excellent form with fastest overall female leg on the day (and a course record)
Senior Ladies Teams
1Abingdon AC1:02:40
8Headington RoadRunners A1:11:18
Leg1Madeleine Ding25:44
Leg2Sharon Pyner23:24
Leg3Judith Kalthoff22:10
19Headington RoadRunners B1:20:36
Leg1Gemma Harris31:05
Leg2Ella Godwin25:46
Leg3Emma Croft23:45
20Headington RoadRunners C1:20:53
Leg1Tasha Taylor27:41
Leg2Sarah Warbrick25:55
Leg3Emma Carter27:17
Vets Ladies Teams
1Alchester RC1:02:12
2Headington RoadRunners A1:02:39
Leg1Rachel Shaw21:29
Leg2Adrienne Hopkins21:40
Leg3Diane Moore19:30
4Headington RoadRunners B1:13:45
Leg1Anita James24:04
Leg2Natasha Giannousi-Varney24:32
Leg3Catriona Scott25:09
9Headington RoadRunners C1:20:56
Leg1Alison Barry25:03
Leg2Rosemary Cameron28:35
Leg3Ita Kelly27:18
Senior Mens Teams
1Oxford City AC1:47:06
9Headington RoadRunners A1:59:16
Leg1James Eve17:44
Leg2Tristan Clarke20:29
Leg3Ed Byard20:36
Leg4Mike Pearce19:54
Leg5Seth Cayley20:42
Leg6Martin Dunmore19:51
15Headington RoadRunners B2:14:06
Leg1Richard Ashby19:18
Leg2Matt Biglin22:02
Leg3Alistair Felton23:26
Leg4Neville Baker21:23
Leg5Graham Norris26:36
Leg6Luke McNeill21:21
Vets Mens Teams
1Oxford City AC1:49:20
2Headington RoadRunners A1:56:46
Leg1Jason Smith18:07
Leg2Andy Phelps19:58
Leg3John Griffiths20:08
Leg4Fergus Campbell18:20
Leg5Laurie Hurman21:33
Leg6Richard Skilbeck18:40
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