Ridgeway Relay

Date: 20th Jun 2010
Distance: 86 miles
Full results: http://www.marlboroughrunningclub.co.uk/ridgewayrelay.shtm
Type: Relay
Comments: A day of dramas for the A team somehow still resulted in a fine second place in a club best time. We would never have caught the impressive Aylesbury team even if everything had gone smoothly! A lot plainer sailing for the B and vets teams, with the vets bringing home their age-group prize. Richard won the award for 'athlete of the day' for his performance over two legs.
Headington A: 2nd, 09:55:47
legnametimepaceteam positionleg position
1Richard Skilbeck01:07:5000:06:1011
2Fraser Howard00:44:2500:07:2411
3Dave Gavaghan01:05:0000:06:5527
4Adrienne Hopkins00:39:4900:07:2226
5Richard Skilbeck01:08:0500:06:4425
6Julien Lhomme01:03:3100:06:0622
7Jude Craft01:00:4800:06:4125
8Gary Harris00:51:0400:06:3326
9Mark Richards01:13:3300:06:52210
10Jason Smith01:01:4200:06:3426
Headington B: 24th, 12:10:28
1Jim Foster01:34:1500:08:343232
2Jon Tyler00:47:3500:07:56256
3Andrew Lorentz01:11:5600:07:392520
4Merel Gijsen00:47:1700:08:452423
5Martin Allen01:23:3400:08:162525
6Stuart Lovell01:21:0900:07:482321
7Frances Burge01:06:5100:07:212113
8Marie-Anne Fischer01:09:2100:08:532224
9Peter Richardson01:28:2200:08:162326
10John Worth01:20:0800:08:312427
Headington Vets: 31st, 13:28:51
1Kevin Byrne01:34:1100:08:343131
2Carol Edwards00:59:5500:09:593432
3Barry Cornelius01:22:1200:08:453332
4Mary Russell00:57:4200:10:413434
5Graham Norris01:30:0400:08:553331
6Neville Baker01:20:4900:07:463120
7Geoff Raynham01:27:0400:09:343434
8Kit Villiers01:21:1400:10:253235
9Barry Burlingham01:26:4500:08:063024
10Sarah Grylls01:28:5500:09:283134
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