Round Norfolk Relay

Date: 19th Sep 2009
Distance: 194m
Full results:
Type: Relay
Comments: Yet another glorious weekend in Norfolk saw our team finish 5th in the Open class and 7th overall (55 teams competed and 51 finished within the qualifying time limit). There was a significant number of very good individual performances, including stage winner prizes for Chris Dettmar, Jude Craft and Claire Burley. I think it's fair to say that a good time was had by all!
StageMilesTimeAG%Position in Stage
1Gary Harris16.322:00:3862.7623
2Peter Richardson14.061:52:3757.7333
3Laurie Hurman5.390:35:2776.123 1st M Vet
4Marie-Anne Fischer12.851:59:1759.87465th L Vet
5Neville Baker8.611:02:0571.015 3rd M Vet
6Mike Dunn7.861:10:4261.6640
7Bob Green9.241:10:0470.8827
8John Worth7.520:56:1762.2421
9Jude Craft11.301:15:1975.6181st Lady
10Chris Dettmar15.081:26:3181.5211st
11Jason Smith19.602:15:1968.6212
12Richard Skilbeck19.672:01:5775.9333rd M Senior
13Laurence Kemble13.251:34:4263.9817
14Claire Burley8.801:02:0469.82121st Lady
15Craig Perkins7.200:50:5762.938 3rd M Senior
16Adrienne Hopkins5.490:38:0969.66142nd Lady
17Peter Wrighton-Smith11.731:22:1364.4411
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