Round Norfolk Relay

Date: 17th Sep 2011
Distance: 195m
Full results:
Type: Relay
Comments: (Mary) Some very good individual results: Chris Dettmar set a new stage record, Jason Smith 1st in age category and 2nd overall in his stage, Laurie Hurman 1st age-graded on his stage, Sandra Wolanski and Fergus Campbell 2nd in their age categories. Marie-Anne received her award for 10 appearances. Alison deserved a medal for running through full-on torrential rain and lightening storm to reach Gt Yarmouth where the weather was absolutely fine!
StageMilesCATNameTimePacePositionCat pos in stageAge grading
116.81MMJohn Worth2.
214.06MMCraig Perkins1.53.118.03362058.25
35.76LMMary Russell1.03.0810.57.3531851.26
411.14MSAlex Smith1.
510.81MSEd Byard1.
67.90MMLaurie Hurman52.366.39.56377.93
79.24MMNeville Baker1.01.556.42.112778.05
87.52MMJohn Griffiths47.496.21.58478.61
911.30LMAlison Barry1.
1020.06MMPhilip Lister2.
1114.06MMFergus Campbell1.34.506.29.78273.95
1219.67LMSandra Wolanski2.36.477.58.242273.47
1313.25MMPeter Richardson1.37.237.21231263.53
148.8MMChris Dettmar48.035.27.61184.18course record
157.20MMJason Smith44.396.12.12172.83
165.49LMSam Paiba48.508.53.7451556.65
1711.73LMMarie-Anne Fischer1.33.337.58.534570.65
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