Silverstone Half Marathon

Date: 02nd Mar 2014
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: A bleak, cold and very windy day for a half marathon on an exposed course. Due to the weaving back & forth, sometimes the strong winds were in your favour, but on the whole not. In spite of this Chris Thompson (2010 European 10,000m silver medallist) romped home to set a new course record. Those of us behind didn't fare quite so well. Emma missed out on a PB by a matter of seconds - hampered by a timing mat whipping up in the wind and knocking her over! I managed to scrape a course best - beating my 2011 time by just ONE second. Not the best year for this event - one that I have enjoyed enormously in the five previous times I've done it. Still, at least it wasn't raining throughout. Good bespoke medal and t-shirt (cotton). Some people found it tyresome (geddit ;) ) to leave the car park, but that's Silverstone for you! It only took me half an hour to get out, so nothing much to grumble about there. Looking forward to better weather in 2015 - and attacking my PB more seriously next time. For the full race report see
Place OverallPlace GenderPlace CategorynameBIBCategoryFinish time
111Thompson, Chris118-3901:05:08
7211Keane, Imogen980818-3901:24:12
392376292Charlton, Matt (HRR)238018-3901:33:39
18231592228Neale, Ulen (HRR)245440-4401:49:41
253139357Carter, Emma (HRR)775840-4401:55:30
5677183456Gardner, Julie (HRR)775550-5402:28:19
677825251776Last, Finisher1028918-3904:07:37
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