Songan ympärijuoksu

Date: 04th Jul 2009
Distance: 11.3K
Full results:
Type: MT

In Finnish, ympäri means around and juoksu is the word for running. So this was a race around the lake at Sonka, which is about 30K from Rovaniemi in Finland. Sonka is just inside the Arctic Circle.

The run was on a mix of rough footpaths through woods, on gravel roads and about 3K on tarmac. There were two gentle hills at 2.3K and 7.0K each lasting for about 0.6K.

It was about 8 degrees C which was a shock after leaving England basking in 30 degrees.

I was the only competitor from outside Finland. I came 4th out of the 7 MV60 runners. At the end of the race, it seemed that everyone got mentioned by the race commentator. Certainly, when he got to the MV60s, all 7 of us got separately asked in turn (in Finnish) to go up to shake hands with the faster runners in our category and receive a medal placed over our head. Weird.

During the course of the event, the race commentator mentioned Headington RoadRunners on three occasions, but as he was speaking Finnish I didn't know what he was talking about!

Pos Name Time
1 first finisher 38:02
42 Barry Cornelius 55:36
63 last finisher 71:05
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