Street Orienteering

Date: 17th Aug 2006
Distance: Up to you
Type: Orienteering
Comments: Inspired? Thames Valley Orienteering Club is putting on a series of Saturday lunchtime events starting on September 30th at Hill End outdoor education centre. See for full details (right hand side). Looking further ahead, Oxford University Orienteering Club is putting on a street race in the centre of Oxford on a professionally produced map on November 4th. See for that one.
1Roger Thetford2406234
2Anne Edwards2309221
3Louise Oliver2209211
4Tim Beale2106204
5Neville Baker200200
6Adam and Mark200200
7Nick Dajda and Tim200200
8Hanno Nickau200200
9John Griffiths, Chris Prince, Gerry Smith190190
10John Worth180180
11Carol Edwards19021169
12Mark Herd and Mike Davies1703167
13Lawrence and Ollie160160
14Bob Green150150
15Laurie Hurman and Mary140140
16Barbara Stayner and Charlanne140140
17Jo Bryant140140
18Graham Day16030130
19Frank Bailey and Gareth Hudson17033127
20Manny Stone100100
21Rachel Shaw70664
22Liz Lambert, Rob Sanders, Katy Mills5050
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