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Route NameDistanceBrief Description
Abingdon 10+10 Up to 20 miles OXSRAD - Abingdon, out and back route.
Barracks Lane loop 8.5m OXSRAD - Jack Straws - Sandfield Rd - Windmill Rd - Hollow Way - Barracks Lane - Southfield Park flats - Morell Av - Headington Hill - Headley Way - OXSRAD
Beckley - long route to Stanton St John via Oxfordshire Way, home through Barton 12.3 mixed on- and off-road route with challenging climbs at Elsfield and before Beckley.
Beckley 14 14 miles OXSRAD-Beckley-Horton cum Studley-Stanton St John loop
Club 5km 5 km Club 5km race, bypass A40 cycle lane
Club Time Trial 4.0 miles Club Time Trial route
Frances' 7 September Route 8.4m Parks, riverside and the town centre
Headington 10k 10km Headington 10k race route near Worminghall
Hills: Route 1 9 miles The ultimate Headington Hill Run: 8 ascents and descents
Hills: Route 2- Short Rep Loop on Sandfield Road 2 miles + Up Sandfield Rd as many times as you like !
MikeY's Sunday River Route 8.4m Oxsrad to Iffley, up river to Folly Bridge, Round Christ Church meadow and back over the Bouncy Bridge
Monday Run - Route 1: Dunstan Park 5k 5k route from OXSRAD up to Dunstan Park & back
Monday Run - Route 2: Headington Shark 5k 5k route from OXSRAD up to New High Street & back
Monday Run - Route 3: Jack Straw's Lane 5k 5k route from OXSRAD up Jack Straw's Lane & back
Monday Run - Route 4: Croft Road 5k 5k route from OXSRAD to Croft Road & back
Monday Run - Route 5: John Radcliffe 5k 5k route from OXSRAD up to the JR & back
Monday Run - Route 6: Pullen's Lane 5k 5k route from OXSRAD up to Pullen's Lane & back
Monday Run - Route 7: Mesopotamia 5.25k 5.25k route from OXSRAD to Mesopotamia & back
Monday Run - Route 8: Marston Brook 5.25k 5.25k route from OXSRAD along Marston Brook & back
Monday Run - Route 9: River Cherwell 6k 6k route from OXSRAD to River Cherwell & back
Otmoor Circuit 18.35 miles The classic Sunday morning marathon training route from OXSRAD round the Otmoor villages.
park, meadow and canal 8.2 miles flat scenic run about two-thirds off road
Port Meadow - Osney - Hinksey loop and back 12.5 miles Mostly off-road, flat except for a stiffish climb up Cumnor Hill
Port Meadow, Thames, Wytham Woods Circuit 7.0 miles Port Meadow Car Park, Swinford, Wyathm Woods, Wytham Village and Port Meadow.
Shepherd Route 1 4.9 miles OXSRAD - Marston Ferry - University loop
Shepherd route 10 11 miles OXSRAD - Christchurch College - Hinksey Park - South Hinksey - Golf Club - Nature Trail - Botley - North Hinksey - Osney - River - Canal - University Parks - OXSRAD
Shepherd route 11 9 miles OXSRAD - cutteslowe bridge - five mile drive - down canal - hythe bridge st.- St Giles - wobbly bridge - lanes to Marston - Marston road- back to OXSRAD
Shepherd route 12 5 miles Up Harberton Mead to start then through Bury Knowle park and down through Barton to Bayswater Brook and back to Oxsrad
Shepherd route 13 6 miles Cycle track past the Parks into town then up Iffley Rd and across to East Ave and Morrell Ave for only hill
Shepherd Route 2 6.7 miles OXSRAD - Marson Ferry - Woodstock Road - University loop
Shepherd Route 3 7.8 miles OXSRAD-Univ Parks-Port Meadow-Marston
Shepherd Route 4 8.0 miles OXSRAD-Headington-Barracks Lane
Shepherd Route 5 15 miles OXSRAD-Wolvercote-Port Meadow-Iffley
Shepherd Route 6 6.5 miles OXSRAD-Risinghurst-Lewis-Limekilns-house- Shotover-Headington
Shepherd Route 7 8.3 miles OXSRAD, Elsfield, onto Beckley, back via Barton Hill
Shepherd Route 8 10 miles Wolvercote - Thrupp return
Shepherd Route 9 11.03 miles OXSRAD - Cutteslowe Park - Canal - Christ Church - Marston Rd- Mesopotamia
Shotover and Wheatley 11.5 miles + mixed hilly route through footpaths up to Shotover and Wheatley. Back through Horspath and Shotover again
Shotover Route 1: Wheatley-Windmill and back 5 miles Shotover to Wheatley then back to Shotover via Windmill and Sandy lane
Southfield golf club, river, Mesapotamia 10 miles A mixed route of on an off road, the only real hill (upwards) is at the start.
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