HRR Route: Otmoor Circuit
Brief Route Description:The classic Sunday morning marathon training route from OXSRAD round the Otmoor villages.
Distance:18.35 miles
Detailed Route Notes:Up the hill to Elsfield then through Beckley to Horton-cum-Studley. At the top of the hill in Horton turn left towards Boarstall. After 1.5 miles, just before the road crosses the M40, turn left down Pans Hill. At the bottom of the hill Barry and I once saw the Beast of Otmoor eating a tethered goat. The next landmark, the Nut Tree at Murcott is exactly half way. You now have 6 miles of dead flat road, which is very hard on the legs and the mind. The church tower at Islip can be seen for miles, but NEVER gets any closer. Take the bottom road next to the river in Islip, then turn left out of the village across the river. Up the hill on the left are some allotments with a stand pipe where you can get a well deserved drink. Turn right at the bottom of the hill onto the Woodeaton road. You are only 3 miles from home now, so its time for your finishing sprint.
Conditions:Road all the way
Profile:Starts hilly, then a long flat section followed by more hills
Possible route variations:I once did a detour to Brill, but wouldn't advise it.
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Author: Will Atkinson     (last modified 2006-02-20)

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