At Headington RoadRunners we are a group of people who love to run. We are an Oxford Running club consisting of members from lifetime runners, to those who are just beginning. We are a friendly club whose primary goal is to encourage each member to achieve his or her own personal goals, whatever those may be.

Our motto is “Running Together”

Members of all running speeds are encouraged, you can choose to run just socially or competitively.

If you are new to running, and you would simply like to get fitter, if you just want to run once a week or more often then come down to Oxsrad our HQ in Marston this is the place for you!

We also cater for serious competitive runners and have teams competing in the Oxfordshire and Chiltern cross country leagues and also the Oxfordshire Grand Prix Road race series. We’ve plenty activities to suit all tastes – As well as the regular weekly gatherings our members and teams enter various competitions and events throughout the year.

We regularly have groups of runners attending some of the big marathon events and always try to ensure we combine these with proper social events too.

We were founded in 1988 and wear the distinctive yellow and blue colours, so you can easily spot our runners on race days. So, if you have moved to the area and want to find a running club; or if you’re a treadmill runner at the gym and want to get outdoors; or if you’re just taking up this fantastic sport, why not come to one of our training sessions or club nights and see why we all love it so much!

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