Club Road Championship

This is a club competition for Headington RR Club Members only. Points are awarded for competing in a number of Road Races throughout the year. This years races are listed below.

Points are based on a runners position relative to other HRR runners in their category and are tallied to decide the final HRR Club Road Champions in each age category. The runners best 5 races count with an additional 5 points for competing in up to 8 races. Runners must complete at least three of the designated races to qualify. The full rules are listed further down this page.

2024 Results

Road Race 2024.xlsx - Google Sheets

2024 Races

26/11             Eynsham 10k - GP, CC (2023)
25/2               Wokingham Half Marathon
24/3               Banbury 15 - GP
7/4                 White Horse Half - GP, CC
25/4              Mota-vation #1, Charlton - GP
6/6                  Club 5k - Thursday Club Night
30/6               Thame 10k GP
25/7              Mota-vation #4, Combe 2
4/8                 Hooky 6 - GP
7/8                 Alchester 5k - GP
7/9                 Cotswold Classic 10 - GP
5/10 TBC                 Woodstock 12 - GP
Any Road Marathon race up to 30th Sept 24

Marathon any time from the 1st October 2023 and submitted by the 30th September 2024.

Two events will be on the reserve list in case any of the above events are cancelled:

7/7                 Didcot 5 (short race reserve)
TBC                Burnham Beeches Half Marathon (long race reserve)

HRR Club Road Championship 2024 Rules

Runners get points for competing in a range of road races throughout the year.  Trophies and medals are awarded at the Awards Evening, usually held in November.
Championships races include a variety of local road races for members to target.  Many of these will also count towards club and individual honours in Oxfordshire Road Race Grand Prix, and some are Oxfordshire County Championship races. Any road race marathon is also included, more than one race can be submitted with the best time to count.
The races to count towards the championships are publicised in the Newsletter, on the HRR website and included in the weekly email announcements.
At least three of the designated races must be completed to be eligible for an award.

Championship points are awarded only to club members who enter a race as HRR runner.
Points will be tallied to determine the placing in the following categories: SW, SM, W35, M40, W45, M50, W55, M60, W65 and M70. Awards are presented at the annual Awards Dinner in November for the top three places in each category, with the exception of W65 & M70 who are the best place runners in the W55 & M60 categories respectively.
Points are based on finishing position in each race relative to other HRR runners. The first finisher in each category earns 15 points, the second 14
and so on down to 1 point for 15th position and below. Finishing positions are allocated on gun time except Marathons where chip time is used.
The best five finishes count towards the total score. In addition, 5 points are awarded for every race entered, up to a maximum of eight races.
Age categories are determined from age on the first of January.

In the event of runners being tied on points at the end of the season the following tiebreakers
should be used in order:
1. Their best three results
2. Results between the tied runners if they have competed in three or more events together.
3. The number of races in the series completed.
The following HRR Road Championships trophies are presented annually:

The King of the Road Trophy for the best senior man.
The Queen of the Road Trophy for the best senior woman.
The Richard Stratton Trophy, for the best V40 man.
The Chairman’s Trophy for the best V35 woman.
Veteran Trophies for each category.

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