• Each year, HRR presents awards to those members who have best represented the club during the year.
  • These awards are presented at the club's awards dinner.
  • The following table indicates the person who received the award in each year.
  • In years prior to 2014, the Ben Reeve Trophy was awarded to the best overall male XC runner;
    it is now awarded to the best SM/MU20 XC runner.
  • In years prior to 2014, the Mara Myers Cup was awarded to the best overall female XC runner;
    it is now awarded to the best SL/LU20 XC runner.
  • The first draft of this table was derived from data recorded by Adrienne Hopkins.
HRR Road Championships
King of the Road (SM)
2023: John Fenning
2022: No Qualifiers2021: Harry Geddes2020: n/a
2019: Seth Cayley2018: Tristan Clarke2017: Tristan Clarke
2016: Sam O'Neill2015: Michael Pearce2014: Tristan Clarke
2013: Richard Skilbeck2012: Richard Skilbeck2011: Richard Skilbeck
2010: Gary Harris2009: Gary Harris2008: Richard Skilbeck
2007: Pete Godwin2006: Richard Skilbeck2005: Gary Harris
2004: Gary Harris2003: Dave Burton
The Richard Stratton Trophy (V40)
2023: Mike Healey
2022: Mike Healey2021: Julian Lhomme2020: n/a
2019: Mike Healey2018: Saeed Khan2017: Chris Prince
2016: Kenny Lowies2015: Kenny Lowies2014: Kenny Lowies
2013: Kenny Lowies2012: Kenny Lowies2011: Paul Brame
2010: Chris Price2009: Ian Meadowcroft2008: Vasili Zverev
2007: Gareth Hudson2006: Gavin Bird2005: Gavin Bird
2004: Ian Meadowcroft2003: Laurie Hurman
V50 Trophy
2023: Mark Herd
2022: Graham Day2021: Howard Cook2020: n/a
2019: Carl Gaden2018: Douglas Simpson2017: John Clargo
2016: Andy Phelps2015: Matthew Johnson2014: John Griffiths
2013: Steve Cowls2012: Philip Lister2011: Philip Lister
2010: Ross Logan2009: Bob Green
V60 Trophy
2023: Steve Cowls
2022: Steve Cowls2021: Kevin Byrne2020: n/a
2019: Phil Kimber2018: Kevin Byrne2017: David Sawyer
2016: Graham Norris2015: Philip Lister2014: Howard Marshall
2013: Howard Marshall2012: Graham Norris2010: Graham Norris
2011: Graham Norris2009: Graham Norris
V70 Trophy
2023: Graham Norris
2022: Graham Norris2021: Graham Norris2020: n/a
2019: Phil Kimber2018: Phil Kimber2017: Kit Villiers
2016: Kit Villiers
Queen of the Road (SL)
2023: Charlotte Cox
2022: Leonie Glasson2021: Nicola Oldroyd2020: n/a
2019: Charlotte Sugden2018: Charlotte Sugden2017: Zuzana Pearce
2016: Zuzana Pearce2015: Zuzana Pearce2014: Rebecca Campbell
2013: Nicola Smith2012: Emma Croft2011: Charlotte Harris
2010: Charlotte Harris2009: Rachel Shaw2008: Adrienne Hopkins
2007: Adrienne Hopkins2006: Adrienne Hopkins2005: Diane Moore
2004: Diane Moore2003: Jo Choulerton
The Chairman's Trophy (V35)
2023: Irena Fradin Klug
2022: Madeleine Ding2021: Madeleine Ding2020: n/a
2019: Diane Foster2018: Kate Daniels2017: Edit Greenhill
2016: Diane Moore2015: Charlotte Goodall2014: Rachel Shaw
2013: Adrienne Hopkins2012: Adrienne Hopkins2011: Adrienne Hopkins
2010: Adrienne Hopkins2009: Jude Craft2008: Anita James
2007: Anita James2006: Louise Oliver2005: Marie-Anne Fischer
2004: Marie-Anne Fischer2003: Marie-Anne Fischer
V45 Trophy
2023: Jennifer McIntyre
2022: Jennifer McIntyre2021: Corinna Abesser2020: n/a
2019: Anita James2018: Sandra Harding-Brown2017: Anita James
2016: Maria Keenan2015: Linda Slay2014: Alison Barry
2013: Anita James2012: Anita James2011: Anita James
2010: Mary Russell2009: Sandra Wolanski
V55 Trophy
2023: Robin Collins
2022: Robin Collins2021: Robin Collins2020: n/a
2019: Jackie Duvall2018: Pam Smith2017: Pam Smith
2016: Jullie Keyser2015: Imogen Matthews2014: Imogen Matthews
2013: Imogen Matthews2012: Sheila Doel2011: Sheila Doel
2010: Sheila Doel2009: Sheila Doel
V65 Trophy
2023: Jackie Duvall
2022: n/a2021: Jackie Duvall2020: n/a
2019: Pam Smith2018: Pam Smith2017: Pam Smith
2016: Pam Smith2015: Pam Smith2014: Pam Smith
2013: Sheila Doel
Other road competitions
Time Trial Shield
2023: Graham Day
2022: Graham Day2021: Steve Rice2020: Sarah Leach
2019: Ulen Neale2018: Max Jackson2017: Andrew Sulley
2016: Andy Sulley2015: Morton Lenholm2014: Graham Norris
2013: Graham Day2012: Hanno Nickau2011: Hanno Nickau
2010: Marie-Anne Fischer2009: Janet Payne2008: Bob Green
2007: Manny Stone2006: Graham Norris2005: Bob Green
2004: Gordon Manning2003: Michelle Ryder2002: Tony Moore
2001: Jon Moore2000: Moira McIver1999: Norman Myers
1998: Pippa Read1997: Clive Slator1996: Pat Read
1995: Francis Josephs1994: Pat Read1993: Tracey Hannaford-Hill
1992: Pat Read1991: Gill Rand1990: Tracey Hannaford-Hill
Club 5k
2023: Fergus Campbell
2022: Fergus Campbell2021: n/a2020: n/a
2019: Allison Hirst2018: Chris Dettmar2017: Chris Dettmar
2016: Chris Dettmar2015: Chris Dettmar2014: Diane Moore
2013: Chris Dettmar2012: Gary Harris2011: Jude Craft
2010: Jude Craft2009: Michael Worthington2008: Jude Craft
2007: Crispin Hetherington2006: Allison Hirst2005: Allison Hirst
2004: Allison Hirst2003: John Lisiewicz2002: Jude Craft
2001: Jude Craft2000: Kirsty Anderson
Captains' Five Mile Challenge (member who made greatest progress over three 5-mile races)
2019: Will Farmborough2018: Niamh Simpson2017: Tim Betts
2016: April Lopez
HRR XC Championships
The Ben Reeve Trophy
2023: Dougie Moffett
2022: Dougie Moffett2021: n/a2020: Duncan Lawrence
2019: Tom Willner-Reid2018: Sam O'Neill2017: Peter Leek
2016: Sam O'Neill2015: Arthur Walton2014: John Woods
2013: Maxwell Robinson2012: Tim Doole2011: Richard Skilbeck
2010: Richard Skilbeck2009: Andy Phelps2008: Vasili Zverev
2007: Vasili Zverev2006: Vasili Zverev2005: Chris Dettmar
2004: Dave Gavaghan2003: Roger Thetford2002: Gary Harris
2001: Roger Thetford2000: Fraser Howard1999: Gary Harris
1998: John Griffiths
V40 Trophy
2023: Mike Healey
2022: Richard Skilbeck2021: n/a2020: Richard Skilbeck
2019: Richard Skilbeck2018: Fergus Campbell2017: Fergus Campbell
2016: Fergus Campbell2015: Fergus Campbell2014: Richard Skilbeck
V50 Trophy
2023: Fergus Campbell
2022: Fergus Campbell2021: n/a2020: Fergus Skilbeck
2019: Fergus Campbell2018: Kenny Lowies2017: Kenny Lowies
2016: Andy Phelps2015: John Griffiths2014: Laurie Hurman
V60 Trophy
2023: John Griffiths
2022: Simon Dales2021: n/a2020: John Griffiths
2019: John Griffiths2018: Kevin Byrne2017: Laurie Hurman
2016: Laurie Hurman2015: Laurie Hurman
The Mara Myers Cup
2023: Leonie Glasson
2022: Nicola Oldroyd2021: n/a2020: Amy Johnson
2019: Amy Johnson2018: Amy Johnson2017: Amy Johnson
2016: Madeleine Ding2015: Rebecca Campbell2014: Madeleine Ding
2013: Adrienne Hopkins2012: Adrienne Hopkins2011: Charlotte Harris
2010: Helen Barnes2009: Helen Turley2008: Helen Turley
2007: Jane Bell2006: Sally Howard2005: Diane Moore
2004: Allison Hirst2003: Iona Robertson2002: Iona Robertson
2001: Sally Howard2000: Allison Hirst1999: Allison Hirst
1998: Allison Hirst
V35 Trophy
2023: Madeleine Ding
2022: Madeleine Ding2021: n/a2020: Rachel Shaw
2019: Maddie Ding2018: Yvonne Morris2017: Catriona Scott
2016: Emma Carter-Biggs2015: Diane Moore2014: Adrienne Hopkins
V45 Trophy
2023: Yvonne Morris
2022: Yvonne Morris2021: n/a2020: Sandra Harding-Brown
2019: Sandra Harding-Brown2018: Sandra Harding-Brown2017: Sandra Harding-Brown
2016: Alison Barry2015: Alison Barry2014: Anita James
V55 and V65 Trophy
2023: Anita James
2022: No Qualifiers2021: n/a2020: Helen Turley
2019: Helen Turley2018: Helen Turley2017: Jackie Duvall
2016: Helen Turley2015: none2014: Rose Todd
Committee awards
The Trish Foster Award (member who helped many others reach their running aims)
2023: Martin Lee
2022: Madeleine Ding2021: n/a2020: n/a
2019: Evelyn Joslin2018: Tony Pound2017: Steve Lewis
2016: Mary Russell2015: Evelyn Joslin2014: Sharon Pyner
2013: Sharon Pyner2012: Evelyn Joslin2011: Evelyn Joslin
2010: Mary Russell2009: Graham Day2008: Clive Slator
2007: Mark Hirst2006: Mike Yeats2005: Sarah Grylls
2004: Maureen O'Sullivan2003: Mark Hirst2002: Louise Dennis
2001: Louise Dennis2000: Bob Cox1999: Pam Smith
The Clive Slator Award (Average try hard runner who always turns up but never wins anything)
2023: Philip Lister
2022: Sarah Leach2021: n/a2020: Philip Lister
2019: Marie-Anne Fischer2018: Sarah Ledingham2017: Trevor Siefers
Members awards
The Roy Smith Trophy (member who most inspired us with his/her marathon running)
2023: Sarah Leach
2022: Tim Dixon2021: n/a2020: Saeed Khan
2019: Pam Smith2018: Chris Dettmar2017: Saeed Khan
2016: Saeed Khan2015: Jessica Bruce2014: Ulen Neale
2013: Graham Day2012: Linda Macaskill2011: Robert Treadwell
2010: Barry Burlingham2009: Mike Yeats2008: Maureen O'Sullivan
The Members Cup (member who best served the club as voted for by its members)
2023: Marie-Anne Fischer
2022: Nicola Oldroyd2021: n/a2020: Saeed Khan
2019: Emma Carter-Biggs2018: Maureen O'Sullivan2017: Graham Day
2016: Graham Day2015: Graham Day2014: Graham Day
2013: Emma Croft2012: Fraser Howard2011: Sharon Pyner
2010: Mary Russell2009: Laurie Hurman2008: Anita James
2007: Marie-Anne Fischer2006: Pat Read2005: Marie-Anne Fischer
2004: Marie-Anne Fischer2003: Hanno Nickau2002: Hanno Nickau
2001: Allison Hirst2000: Will Atkinson1999: Mark Hirst
1998: Mark Hirst1997: John Griffiths1996: Ian MacPherson
1995: Pat Read1994: Louise Dennis1993: Andy Phelps
1992: Pam Smith1991: Nigel Northcott1990: Robert Cox
1989: Gary Allen
Simon Nickau Team Award (member who made most significant contribution to a team event)
2023: John Griffiths
2022: Kit Villiers2021: n/a2020: Kit Villiers
2019: Mary Russell2018: Rachel Shaw2017: Daniel Bremner
2016: Mary Russell2015: John Griffiths2014: John Griffiths
2013: Mary Russell
Previous awards
Best HRR man in the Oxford Mail league
2013: Richard Skilbeck2012: Chris Dettmar2011: Richard Skilbeck
2010: Tony Bourne2009: Steve Kimber2008: Steve Kimber
2007: Steve Kimber2006: Steve Kimber2005: Chris Dettmar
2004: Peter Haarer2003: Peter Haarer2002: John Lisiewicz
2001: Richard Bromley2000: Stephane Cherel1999: Gary Harris
1998: Jethro Lennox1997: Simon Tavener1996: John Griffiths
1995: John Griffiths1994: Tom Treanor1993: Barry Burlingham
1992: Barry Burlingham1991: Barry Burlingham1990: Barry Burlingham
Best HRR woman in the Oxford Mail league
2013: Jessica Bruce2012: Adrienne Hopkins2011: Helen Barnes
2010: Helen Barnes2009: Hendriette Thorn2008: Corinna Abesser & Helen Barnes
2007: Jane Bell2006: Diane Moore2005: Diane Moore
2004: Marie-Anne Fischer2003: Tracey Galbraith2002: Iona Robertson
2001: Allison Hirst2000: Allison Hirst1999: Allison Hirst & Jude Craft
1998: Allison Hirst1997: Allison Hirst1996: Allison Hirst
1995: Sue Mercer1994: Sue Lloyd1993: Louise Dennis
1992: Louise Dennis1991: Mary Brown1990: Ann Goodall
Most improved man in the Oxford Mail league
2013: Ian Meadowcroft2012: Andy Phelps2011: Andy Phelps
2010: Richard Skilbeck2009: Graham Norris2008: Simon Purchon
2007: Andy Phelps2006: Ian Meadowcroft2005:
2004: Tony Moore2003: Ian Meadowcroft2002: Trevor Witts
2001: Chris Nellins2000: Bertrand Lacour1999: Will Atkinson
1998: John Maxted1997: Pat Read1996: Trevor Witts
1995: Will Atkinson1994: Dave Nurse1993: Andy Phelps
Most improved woman in the Oxford Mail league
2013: Alison Barry2012: Adrienne Hopkins2011: Emma McDermott
2010: Edwina McDowall2009: Edwina McDowall2008: Alison Barry
2007:2006: Anita James2005:
2004: Vincci Lau2003:2002: Marie-Anne Fischer
2001: Sally Howard2000: Janet Meredith1999: Allison Hirst
1998: Gill Smith1997: Jo Choulerton1996:
1995: Alison Barry1994: Mary Brown
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