Start your running journey with us. We are a friendly, supportive club with many options to help people looking to begin or progress their running.

If you are looking to start running, join our “beginners” group. Following the couch-to-5k programme we combine walking with running, slowly increasing from running for a few minutes at a time to running a full 5km without stopping. We meet on Thursdays at OXSRAD leisure centre, Marston, Oxford at 6.45pm to warm up and then your group will start around 7.00pm. The session lasts for 45 minutes, including warm up and cool down.

The first weekly session for 2024 will start on 21st March.

Some of our previous beginners.

If you can run 5km at any pace, come to our “sensibly paced Monday” group. We run together at a slow, conversational pace, ensuring that everyone is comfortable and that nobody is left behind. This session is ideal for people looking to build their confidence in running, or who are returning to running. We meet on Mondays at OXSRAD leisure centre, ready to run at 7pm. Typically we take 45 – 50 minutes to run 5km with plenty of pauses to cross the street or to catch our breath.

If you wish to run for about hour, come to our weekly club session on a Thursday. We offer groups running at 11+ min/mile (6:55 min/km). Our philosophy is to “run together” and to ensure that nobody gets lost or separated from the group. You’re welcome to turn-up shortly before 7pm at OSRAD leisure centre to join us, or contact us via email,, so that we can look out for you and welcome you. 

New and returning runners: 30-50 Group
As the name suggests, this group is for suitable for improving or returning runners who wish to progress from 30 minutes up to 50 minutes or an hour, when you will be able to join the regular shepherded groups at the HRR club session on a Thursday evening. The 30-50 group starts mid July, so come along and join us at OXSRAD, details as above.

Contact Graham Day, for more details on Beginners and 30-50


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