The Oxfordshire Grand Prix Series started in 2002 and is organised by Oxfordshire Athletics Association. In the competition Oxfordshire clubs compete against each other in a series of 15 road races over various distances.

In the team competition the first four male runners for each club score for the men’s team for the women’s team the first three count. Teams are then awarded points according to their position on a sliding scale (1st 25 points, 2nd 22 points, 3rd 20 points, 4th 19 points, 5th 18 points....). The best 13 results from the 15 races in the series count towards the team’s overall score.

In the individual competition finishers are awarded a point for every other Oxfordshire club runner that they beat. Your 13 best races in the series count towards your overall score so the more races completed the more points you will score.

2024 Races

17/3             Goring 10k
24/3               Banbury 15
7/4                 White Horse Half
25/4              Mota-vation #1, Charlton
30/6               Thame 10k
7/7               Didcot 5
14/7              Hornton Classic 6
4/8                 Hooky 6
14/8                 Alchester 5k
25/8                 Headington 5
7/9                 Cotswold Classic 10
29/9                 Hanney 5
5/10                 Woodstock 12
20/10                 Abingdon Marathon
24/11                 Eynsham 10K

Details of the races in the Grand Prix and the team and individual standings can be found on the Oxfordshire Athletics Association website

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