When did you start running?

I started running over twenty years ago to counteract the effects of a desk job and an otherwise sedentary life. My life as a fair-weather runner changed completely when a chance encounter with Emma Carter-Biggs prompted me to join HRR. Since becoming a club member I’ve discovered that I can
achieve running goals which I previously never believed possible.

What inspired you to become a coach/leader?

So many people helped and encouraged me when I joined HRR that it seemed only fair that I should do the same.

What group coaching/leading do you do at HRR?

I lead the Monday evening sensibly paced 5k group. This is a very informal session which acts as a gentle and positive start to the week. I also coach the 50+ min group on Tuesday evenings. Never having been a fast runner, I don’t feel competent to give advice to faster runners. However, trying to squeeze in a few hours of training to improve fitness while juggling the demands of a day job and family commitments is something for which I have lots of experience.

What is your favourite race or running route?

Fairly late in life I discovered that running long distances slowly is my thing. My happy place is to be out in the countryside discovering new footpaths to run along. The trails on the hills around Elsfield and Beckley are my favourite places to run.

What has been your best coaching/leading moment?

It’s an absolute delight to see people progress and to provide proof that their hard work and effort is paying off. I firmly believe that everyone has a personal best inside them, it just takes a bit of structure and lots of encouragement for it to emerge.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m a complete human biology nerd. Did you know that when you lose weight your body exhales the lost fat as carbon dioxide? I dare you to ask me about eryththropoietin and how it affects your fitness.

Martin Lee Leader in Running Fitness
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