Date: 11th Dec 2013
Distance: Marathon
Full results: http://www.enigmarunning.co.uk/files/111213marathonresults.pdf
Type: MT
Comments: A Marathon that started at 9.10 on 11/12/13, some finishers made sure they finished at 14.15.16, we are a strange breed us Marathon runners! 7 and a bit laps of Caldecotte lake in Milton Keynes sounded like a good idea at the time but was only marginally better than spending the day driving 7 and a bit times round Cowley and Headington! This was the 1st of 3 Marathons in 5 days for Ulen (around the same lake) so he was taking it easy and let me pace him round for 17 miles before I found a wall on the 5th lap which hadn't been there on the previous laps and he disappeared into the bright sunshine. After 3 hours the fog lifted and revealed a really quite attractive lake next to a less attractive A5! Enigma running organise small events for various bizarre reasons, most are booked well in advance so you have to get in early if you don't want to miss the thrill of going dizzy around a lake. What it does mean is that I can claim my highest ever Marathon finish although it measured 26.59 on my Garmin so just got inside a PW by 5 minutes! Nice medal but disappointing not to have the date on it! Carrying a injury from the weekends 10k I started very stiffly and painfully and was therefore last away. Fortunately the injury loosened up and we overtook a few but had the pleasure of being lapped by lots of people, the 1st 2 runners lapped me twice! Nice touch they had a bell like on the track they rang to signify your last lap, not quite so nice when you can hear it being rung the other side of the lake when you know you still have more than 2 laps to go! Oh and Ulen made it back in time for FIt 2 runs 5 mile fancy dress run in the evening where he managed to win the running shoes on offer!
Gun Time
Peter Cusick
Chippenham Harriers
Wendy Marks
Harrogate AC
Ulen Neale
Graham Day
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Hazel Kerz
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