Adderbury Half Marathon

Date: 11th Jul 2009
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Full results:
Type: MT
Comments: Not a PB course, but a very pleasant run through a variety of terrains and surroundings including a churchyard, a towpath and several fields. Also billed as "The Three Spires Challenge". Organisationally, it was a bit quirky, but everything seemed to run fairly smoothly. For some reason you had to register on the day. There were plenty of water stations and the marshalling/signposting was alright, although I did have to yell at someone who had gone the wrong way. As for the mile-markers, according to my Garmin they were pretty random - but at least the last two "miles" were short ones! I think that I have gathered most people's results below, but as the published results do not include club names, I may have omitted you, so please add anyone I have missed and any pbs. Good performance from Headington, Jude was 4th overall and won the ladies race, Gary was 2nd overall and Sally was 3rd in the ladies classification. I am sure that we did well in some of the vets categories also. Will the real Kevin Byrne please stand up, there can't be two of you!! ************************************************************ Update from Raj - poor marshalling meant I ended up doing just short of 15 miles in the end. At the 9 mile mark the marshall kindly informed me that I was in 3rd place about 40 seconds behind Gary but failed to mention that myself and the guy in 4th place then went the wrong way! Adderbury Running Club have since called me to apologise and are keen for it not to happen again. ************************************************************
1Russell Forsbrook (Weston-super-Mare)1:21:04
2Gary Harris1:23:34
4Jude Craft1:29:38
13Jon Barker1:32:01pb
16Sally Howard1:34:48
18Raj Sharma1:36:01
26Ian Meadowcroft1:37:02
33Sandra Wolanski1:38:21
38Mark Herd1:40:11
40Kevin Byrne1:40:51
46Clive Slator1:42:38
47Charlotte Harris1:42:43
49Claire Burley1:42:45
50Emma Croft1:43:00 pb
92Paul Brame1:56:05
111Andrew Munday2:05:09
118Kit Villiers2:07:50
137Sheila Doel2:16:56
138Bob Green2:17:13
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