Banbury 15

Date: 11th Mar 2007
Distance: 15 miles
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: A pleasant, undulating course with lots of hills thrown in for good measure. Warm weather, with a strong head wind to fight on the last few miles. Well-marshalled and friendly. I assume we won the men's team result? (No, the men's team was third, 1 Woodstock, 2 Witney. Julien) Congratulations to Julien, Gerry and Michael on new club records! (Adrienne)
1first runner1:22:49
2Julien Lhomme1:24:32 2nd SM club record
11Vasily Zverev1:33:28 3rd vet40
15Gerry Smith1:35:15 3rd vet50 club record
46Gareth Hudson1:44:26
47Frances Burge1:44:27 3rd senior lady
54Michael Worthington1:45:23 1st Vet60 club record
91Tim Mean1:52:30
132Nick Andrews1:58:03
137Hanno Nickau1:58:36
142Tom Garrot1:59:18
153Marie-Anne Fischer2:01:33 3rd Vet45
219Thomas Procter-Legg2:08:36
252Frank Bailey2:12:40
309Roger Ramsbottom2:24:29
339Paul Brame2:31;53
345Pippa Read2:34:20
362Ross Logan2:43:14
372Francis Josephs2:51:04
377Maureen O'Sullivan2:56:28
380last finisher3:03:03
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