Banbury 15

Date: 17th Mar 2002
Type: Road
Comments: A sunny day in Banbury, a fast course with a few sizeable hills and a distance that is not so often raced over brought three new club records. Well done to the women's team who went into the lead in the new Oxon Grand Prix Series.
11:25:39Dennis Walmsley (Bourton RR)
181:37:25Hanno Nickau 7th VM40
581:45:18Edward Shoesmith 3rd VM50
1071:53:06Jo Choulerton 7th SL club record
1421:57:28Gerald Walker 19th VM50
1682:00:35Kit Villiers 27th VM50
1772:01:37Annette Volfing 6th LV35 club record
1992:04:30Marie-Anne Fischer 9th LV35 club record
3793:01:53Last Runner
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