Bath Half Marathon

Date: 16th Mar 2008
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: The warm up area was muddier than shotover after three weeks of rain, but a good day out nonetheless. Emma: I would have to disagree with Jude...if you were further down the field, as i was, it was a disgrace. After finishing i ran straight into the back of all the runners ahead of me, and then didnt move. There was nowhere to go! I got very cold, suffered cramp, and it ruined it for me. It took over 45 minutes from me finishing to move 100m....and in those conditions it was dangerous. Was just as well there were no medical emergencies, because noone could have got to a patient.
21Gary Harris1.11.49
144Jude Craft1.20.10 club record
6567Emma Carter2:07:24
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