Bletchingdon Motavation

Date: 06th Jun 2002
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: All change here for Headington! None of our first seven men from the first Motavation race competed, leaving room for Chris Dettmar to make an impressive debut for the club in the series and welcome returns to form for Jim Thorn and Matt Barnes. Allison and Iona resumed their normal positions at the head of the womens' field and Anna Loveless moves into medal contention!
1Mark Flint21:44 (Birchfield)
10Chris Dettmar23:09
22Jim Thorn24:12
25Matt Barnes24:16
33Allison Hirst24:52 1st L
38Iona Robertson25:15 1st SL
44Mark Creasey25:41
47Hanno Nickau25:59
50Ian Meadowcroft26:09
55Andrew Garner26:25
66Richard Skilbeck26:57
71Anna Loveless27:05 3rd SL
73Andrea Demarchi27:12
78Oliver Board27:25
79Mike Davies27:26
81Phillippa Jones27:29
86Jo Choulerton27:42
94Bob Cox28:00
104Adam Barnett28:29
107John Worth28:42
116Mike Dunmore29:13
122Frank Bailey29:31
127Helen Turley29:50 1st LV45
131Marie-Anne Fischer30:02
133Ged Taylor30:14
134Graham Norris30:18
135Tony Moore30:22
140Stewart Lake30:34
143Howard Marshall30:52
150Marie Cresswell31:19
151Annette Hack31:19
164Paul Page32:25
169Sally Howard32:51
200Moira McIver36:27
208Kate Atkinson38:11
211Graham Chapman38:42
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