Bourton 10k

Date: 28th Feb 2010
Distance: 10K
Full results:
Type: Road

Not as cold, windy or wet as the forecast predicted, but even so pretty blustery which made the second half tougher.

Congratulations to Jude (1st VL35) and Andy (2nd MV45).

Please enter pbs (or any placings I missed) as necessary.

1SM30:33Thomas Payn (Winchester & District AC)
6SM33:28Julien Lhomme
8SM33:41Gary Harris
36LV3536:48Jude Craft 1st LV35
51SM37:55Yiannis Fitsakis
59MV4538:32Andy Phelps 2nd MV45
63SM38:46Fraser Howard
124SL41:50Charlotte Harris
141LV3542:24Eirini Flouri
187SL44:18Rachel Shaw
189SM44:20Alistair Felton
205SM44:58Carl James
220LV4045:34Anita James
236MV4046:19John Clargo
252MV5047:03Steve Cowls
255MV6047:05Barry Cornelius
262SL47:26Katharine Earley
280SM48:26Steven Slay
291LV3549:31Ann Powter PB
354LV5554:00Sarah Grylls
357MV6554:03Everard Robinson
371LV4055:12Sandra Harding-Brown
374MV6055:19Stefan Szynaka
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