British Masters Open Road Relay Championships

Date: 20th May 2006
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: M50s went off at 11:00 in cool, overcast but dry conditions. By the time the M40 race started at 13:00 the rain had set in for the afternoon and it was pretty miserable. The course is hilly and the legs so short that you really had to be prepared to hurt yourself for a good time. Standing round the back of the course after my run it was evident that a lot of people were suffering for their respective teams.
M40 team
Jim Thorne16.56m43
John Griffiths17.32m39+434m28
Gavin Bird18.02m41-252m30
Dermott McCann19.11m46-51h11m41
Andy Phelps18.06m32+141h29m47
Alan Derbyshire19.04m33-11h48m51
Clive Slator19.31m34-12h08m22
Kevin Byrne20.26m34+02h28m48
M50 team
Laurie Hurman17.29m18
Gerry Smith17.30m13+534m59
Mark Taylor19.58m24-1154m57
Barry Burlingham19.31m24+01h14m28
Mike Worthington18.19m19+51h32m47
Chris Nellins17.58m17+21h50m45
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