Buttons for Brathay Marathon – Day 2

Date: 30th Mar 2014
Distance: Marathon
Full results: http://www.buttons4brathay.co.uk/files/Bells%20&%20Whistles%20Results%202014.pdf
Type: MT
Comments: Another marathon double weekend - this time in aid of the Brathay Trust. A simple out & back (and out & back and out & back...) route along the seafront in Dover - including half a mile out to sea along the Prince of Wales pier. I signed up to the Sunday event, leaving my Saturday free to think about doing the Saturday marathon too - or just a local parkrun instead (which is what I opted for at Pegwell Bay near Ramsgate). The route had to be changed late on as building works along the promenade cut the planned turn-around point short - resulting in us doing more laps up & down the pier (17 in all!), and actually meant the course would come up long at about 27 miles rather than 26.2 - but this was explained clearly in advance, so we knew what we were getting ourselves into. The RD took up position by the clock tower, and counted us all out and back in again, and so on and so forth until we'd clocked up the required distance. A low key event, but well marshalled (at both ends and in the middle), with masses of water to cope with the sunny weekend. Well organised throughout, and even the "ultra" distance didn't cause any problems.
Ulen Neale4.50.2020
Last Finishers6.28.5339
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