Chedworth Roman Trail

Date: 21st Mar 2010
Distance: 10 miles
Type: MT
Comments: Lovely sunny day, rural setting, lots of flat and down hill with a splattering of mud in the first half! River crossing (deep if have little legs) and wet...Second half up up up with a bit of sticky mud in some places! Lots of lovely snow drops to veiw and a very friendly chatty field...(other runners that is...not talking to the plants yet)even got followed back to my car with questions about where I had got the new HRR hooded top from!
Mark Herd1331.22.55MV40
Louise Dennis2001.30.41FV45
Alison Barry2241.33.07Fv40"
940,Mara Yamauchi11.09.17FV35
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