Club 5km: Official correct results

Date: 19th Mar 2002
Distance: 5K
Type: Road
Comments: Please find below the official age and sex graded results from Saturday's 5kms. Seems that a rogue 'space' in the Excel results sheet was responsible for turning all the women into men. Our giant computer score board will be reset and hopefully will function smoothly next time ! Apologies for those who now have a lower % score and well done to those who now have a higher % score. These are the official results.
1Allison Hirst17:4383.3%
2Iona Robertson18:0279.8%
3Kirstie Andersen18:1279.1%
4Dave Gavaghan17:0576.7%
5Hanno Nickau18:2173.5%
6Jon Marshal18:3372.2%
7Ged Taylor20:4170.8%
8Ian Meadowcroft18:5670.2%
9Mike Dunmore21:0670.0%
10Marie-Anne Fischer22:0269.2%
11Kit Villiers22:3868.7%
12Mark Hirst19:2768.3%
13Louise Dennis22:3166.0%
14Andrea Derarchi19:4365.8%
15Bob Green23:0763.9%
16Colin Blackburn21:1563.4%
17Manny Stone23:0961.8%
18Mike Davies23:1761.0%
19Maureen O'Sullivan29:3459.1%
20Jeff Ehmsen23:0856.1%
Best Scores to date
1John Lisiewicz15:4584.4% (25/03/01)
2Jude Craft17:1283.7% (22/09/01)
3Allison Hirst17:4383.3%
4Gary Harris15:4882.1% (01/06/01)
5Crispin Heatherington16:3881.0% (01/06/01)
6Will Brown20:3879.9% (01/06/01)
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