Club 5km: Predictor 5

Date: 28th Apr 2007
Distance: 5K
Type: Road
Comments: A great race, with some amazing predictions of their finish times for 5km. Stripped of watches, the runners managed to show up some impressive pace-making skills. When the results were finally calculated Dan Burton and Lucy Burton turned out to have run within 1 second of their predicted times, so the hosuehold shared the prize (Lucy had originally been missed on the provisional results, but I'm sure Dan was happy to share his prize). With Gary and Mike running within 2 seconds, and Alan within 3 seconds, it was a tight result ! Note that **Dermott graciously accepted that he'd written the wrong predicted time on the entry form (by 10 minutes !), a slip that lost him joint 1st with Lucy and Dan (he ran 10mins and 1 second faster than predicted !). Congratulations to everyone who notched up a surprising result by coming home faster then they'd thought they could; time to adjust the expectations and training paces. In the age-graded stakes, it was a switch in the top two from the Easter Bunny Dash, with Vasily this time getting the better of Mike and also posting the best age-graded time of this season. Look for some hard training and tough racing between these two in the next few races. Jude enters the 80% club for the first time this season and the queue of runners in the high 70's is looking very impressive; you vets should think of entering some Masters competitions !
NameTimeAge%Difference (secs)
Vasily Zverev16:0685.6%-9
Michael Worthington18:4384.6%-2
Jude Craft17:1183.9%-29
Gary Harris15:4882.4%-2
John Griffiths18:0379.9%-37
Phillipa Prescott18:0979.3%-21
Chris Nellins18:5378.8%+6
Lucy Burton18:3177.7%+1
Dave Gavaghan17:2977.7%-26
Sandra Wolanski20:4077.6%+29
Dan Burton17:1176.8%-1
Peter Godwin17:1075.6%-44
Marie-Ann Fischer21:5072.8%+7
Alan Darbyshire18:5972.6%-3
Dermot McCann19:4971.1%-601**
Fraser Howard19:0268.2%+12
Kit Villiers25:5066.8%-41
Yiannis Fitsakis19:3766.1%+17
Pam Smith28:0564.2%-80
Rai Alsengeest20:1564.1%+27
Bob Green24:1463.6%-10
Alana Clark23:3161.2%+111
Lizzie Mitchell23:4761.1%-16
Emma Gemez29:5748.1%+67
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