Club 5km Race 1

Date: 11th Mar 2006
Distance: 5K
Type: Road
Comments: Race 1 saw the start of the post-Xc season road races begin on a chilly morning, not really conducive to fast times. A collection of PBs, both on times and on age-grading so well done to everyone. Mr Chairman notched a few more percent into the 80's and Mr Worthington posted yet another time of 19:10, remarkable consistency, continuing from his times last year. Reminder that race 2 is on the Saturday before the London marathon and will be a race to get nearest to your predicted time, with a few special bonuses (see club 5km race 2 entry for details).
1Allison Hirst17:4286.1%
2Laurie Hurman17:3983.0%
3Jude Craft17:2482.7%
4Gary Harris15:4382.5%
5Michael Worthington19:1081.9%
6Richard Skilbeck18:0271.9%
7Peter Godwin18:0771.6%
8Jason Smith18:1471.2%
9Ged Taylor21:2370.8%
10Kevin Byrne21:1270.2%
11Stuart Bowden18:3969.6%
12Rosie Whitely20:5169.0%
13Stuart Hathaway21:1968.7%
14Mike Dunn24:4064.8%
15Mike Parris21:4659.8%
16Andrew Munday23:0759.6%
17Kate Smith24:4658.1%
18Elizabeth Mitchell25:0557.4%
19Martin Stubbings26:0056.8%
20Richard Clarke25:3853.0%
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