Club 5km Race 1: Age Graded

Date: 16th Mar 2002
Type: Road
Comments: Here are the results of the first club 5km from Saturday. The age graded results show Dave taking an early lead. Another 3 races left in the series, dates in the club handbook.
1Dave Gavaghan17:0576.7%
2Allison Hirst17:4374.5%
3Hanno Nickau18:2173.5%
4Jon Marshal18:3372.2%
5Iona Robertson18:0271.9%
6Kirstie Andersen18:1271.3%
7Ged Taylor20:4170.8%
8Ian Meadowcroft18:5670.2%
9Mike Dunmore21:0670.0%
10Kit Villiers22:3868.7%
11Mark Hirst19:2768.3%
12Andrea Derarchi19:4365.8%
13Bob Green23:0763.9%
14Colin Blackburn21:1563.4%
15Manny Stone23:0961.8%
16Marie-Anne Fischer22:0261.6%
17Mike Davies23:1761.0%
18Louise Dennis22:3159.0%
19Jeff Ehmsen23:0856.1%
20Maureen O'Sullivan29:3451.7%
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