Club 5km Race 1

Date: 27th Mar 2004
Distance: 5K
Type: Road
Comments: The first 5km race of the season saw a good turnout and once again the winter training is showing in people's times. Gary posted a fantastic time to win the race in 15:29. The age-grading brough Allison's best time on the course into first place with 85.3%. Guest runner Dave Parsons also posted an impressive age-graded time, finishing 3rd, just behind Gary. Sue Walters took fouth place with another great age-graded score.
Allison Hirst17:3585.30%
Gary Harris15:2983.80%
Dave Parsons18:3283.10%
Sue Walters19:3679.10%
Chris dettmar16:2579.00%
Michael Worthington19:4777.90%
Roger Fagerheim17:1777.40%
Julian Hehir18:0875.40%
Gerald Walker19:5075.10%
Jane Bell21:2373.70%
Diane Moore19:3773.40%
Jon Marshall18:3273.30%
Annette Hack21:4272.60%
Graham Norris21:1471.30%
Maureen O'Sullivan26:02:0068.50%
Ian Smith19:5668.10%
Stuart Hathaway21:2967.10%
John Worth21:3761.90%
Francis Josephs25:43:0060.50%
Roger Logan25:36:0054.20%
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