Club 5km Race 2

Date: 22nd Jun 2002
Distance: 5K
Type: Road
Comments: The second race in the HRR summer 5km series produced some great times, with several runners marking up major improvements in their times and Chris and Kirstie both posting their best performances to make the all time top 10. Well done to everyone who ran. Reminder that the next race is at the end of July.
Age graded Results
1Allison Hirst17:4583.1%
2Kirstie Anderson17:4880.9%
3Chris Dettmar16:2678.9%
4Andrea DeMarchi18:5576.1%
5Anna Loveless19:0975.2%
6Dermot McCann18:1375.1%
7Graham Chapman19:0674.3%
8Phillipa Jones19:2774.0%
9Ian Meadowcroft18:0973.7%
10Kit Villiers22:0671.0%
11Jon Marshal19:0070.9%
12Graham Norris21:3169.2%
13Richard Skilbeck18:5168.8%
14Barrie Juniper26:0767.4%
15Niki Meston21:3866.5%
16Ged Taylor22:1565.8%
17Yiannis Fitsakis19:5165.4%
18Maureen O'Sulivan28:3661.1%
19Manny Stone23:3160.8%
2002 Series Top Age-Graded performances after Race 2
NameTime%ageRace Date
Allison Hirst17:4383.3%16/03/02
Kirstie Anderson17:4880.9%22/06/02
Iona Robertson18:0279.8%16/03/02
Chris Dettmar16:2678.9%22/06/02
Dave Gavaghan17:0576.7%16/03/02
Andrea DeMarchi18:5576.1%22/06/02
Anna Loveless19:0975.2%22/0602
Dermot McCann18:1375.1%22/06/02
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