Club 5km Race 2

Date: 26th May 2012
Distance: 5K
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: Being included in the Club Road Race Championships brought a good turnout for the second race in the series. As in the first race Gary was the fastest runner, with Diane leading the women, though the hot and windy conditions meant times were slower than in Race 1. On the age-graded scoring Rob Webster (a guest from Oxford City) was the winner. Many thanks to Manny Stone for helping at the finish and providing the photographs for the website. Manny will be allocating the points for the road race championship based on finishing position (included here in the last column of the table). Gary is still the leader in the series - Race 3 will be held on Saturday 21 July.
Age Graded PositionNameTimeAge Graded ScoreRace Position
1ROB WEBSTER17:2881.32Guest – Oxford City AC
3GARY HARRIS17:0379.11
4DIANE MOORE18:5278.27
5DAVE GAVAGHAN18:1577.25
7ANNE EDWARDS19:2973.911
10ANDY PENIKELS19:0872.09
11MATT BIGLIN20:2970.913
12KENNY LOWIES19:3570.912
13HOWARD MARSHALL22:3070.417
14ANITA JAMES22:4170.120
15ED BYARD18:4869.06
16PHILIP LISTER22:3268.418
17ROSE TODD25:2967.928
18MATTHEW JOHNSON22:2267.716
19GAIL JONES24:0567.225
20JACK GRIFFITHS19:2666.810
21PAUL BRAME20:5565.414
22MORTEN LENNHOLM22:5064.122
23EMMA CROFT22:4363.421
24SHEILA DOEL30:4362.933
25KIT VILLIERS28:2761.231
26DAVID BARRON24:3860.926
27ANDY SULLEY22:3760.519
28ALISON BARRY26:0960.329
29ALISTAIR FELTON21:4160.115
30GEORGE TSVERIK22:4459.323
31MARY RUSSELL29:4957.432
32GRAHAM DAY25:0756.527
33RICHARD CLARKE26:5352.830
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