Club 5km Race 2: Predictor 5

Date: 22nd Apr 2006
Distance: 5K
Type: Road
Comments: A fun event that saw some quite a few runners posting times they were surprised at ! On time, the top three men home posted great times, with Julian's time also giving him the best age-graded result in the race. In total 7 runners posted times over the 80% mark. Running without the handicap of his watch, Michael Worthington broke with tradition (19:10) to post a stunning 18:34 and a massive improvement (+2.6%)in his age-graded result compared to race 1. However, this improvment paled by that posted by Elizabeth Mitchell who posted a 4% improvement. Elizabeth and Michael are joined by Mike Parris, Andrew Munday and Richard Clarke who also posted improvements over 1%. They will each receive a prize when I next see them ! Well done to others who posted improvements, especially to Stuart who almost made the 1%. In the Prediction race, a very close competition, with 5 runners within 5 seconds of their predicted times. Running without a watch to slow them down, the race saw both very good and very bad predictions; thankfully the latter didn't matter that much as most of those people ran considerably faster that they'd thought they could ! Tor, Chris, Stuart and Andrew came close, but it was Yiannis who walked off with the choccies as a prize by running 1 second faster than he'd predicted. Honorable mention to Andrew Munday who posted both an improvement of over 1% on his age-graded time and predicted it to within 5 seconds; he must know his training has been going well.
Age-graded Results
NameTimeRace 2Race 1Improvers from Race 1
Julian Pears15:4485.7%
Allison Hirst18:0184.6%86.1%
Michael Worthington18:3484.5%81.9%+2.6
Jude Craft17:1883.2%82.7%+0.5
Chris Dettmar15:4883.%
Gary Harris15:3982.9%82.5%+0.4
Laurie Hurman18:1980.0%83%
Julian Hehir17:5577.4%
Tor Duffin16:5876.5%
Diane Moore18:5076.4%
Chris Prince18:1272.5%
Peter Godwin18:0871.5%71.6%
Dermott McCann19:4071.1%
Jon marshall19:3570.9%
Kate Pitt20:2170.7%-
Stuart Hathaway21:0469.5%68.7%+0.8
Paul Grimsdale21:1068.6%
Bob Green22:3467.7%
Emma Riggs21:1867.6%
Yiannis Fitsakis19:2966.6%
Enzo Cerumdolo21:1366.4%
Robert Logan24:5563.0%
Elizabeth Mitchell23:2761.4%57.4% +4.0
Mike Parris21:1461.3%59.8% +1.5
Paul Hollingworth22:2361.1%
Andrew Munday22:5060.8%59.6% +1.2
Kate Smith24:5457.8%58.1%
Richard Clarke25:0454.2%53% +1.2
Improvers prizewinners
Elizabeth Mitchell +4.0
Michael Worthington+2.6
Mike Parris+1.5
Andrew Munday+1.2
Richard Clarke+1.2
Prediction Results
NameActual TimePredictedDifference
Yiannis Fitsakis19:2919:30-1
Tor Duffin16:5817:00-2
Chris Dettmar15:4815:453
Stuart Hathaway21:0421:004
Andrew Munday22:5022:455
Julian Pears15:4415:50-6
Robert Logan24:5525:487
Dermott McCann19:4019:50-10
Peter Godwin18:0817:57-11
Jude Craft17:1817:0216
Gary Harris15:3915:2217
Chris Prince18:1218:30-18
Bob Green22:3422:52-18
Allison Hirst18:0117:4219
Laurie Hurman18:1918:0019
Kate Smith24:5424:2519
Diane Moore18:5019:10-20
Paul Grimsdale21:1021:30-20
Jon marshall19:3519:59-24
Richard Clarke25:0425:30-25
Mike Parris21:1421:45-30
Michael Worthington18:3419:05-31
Kate Pitt20:2122:00-39
Julian Hehir17:5518:40-45
Enzo Cerumdolo21:1322:00-47
Emma Riggs21:1822:30-72
Elizabeth Mitchell23:2725:06-97
Paul Hollingworth22:2324:30-127
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