Club 5km

Date: 22nd Sep 2001
Type: Road
Comments: These are the results from saturday's race, showing actual and age-graded performances. The overall series winners will be announced soon and prizes awarded at the Annual Awards Evening on Saturday 13th October
1Jude Craft17:1283.7%
2Crispin Heatherington16:5879.4%
3Allison Hirst18:2179.1%
4Will Brown21:1677.5%
5Eddie Shoesmith19:4476.1%
6Pete Smith19:1975.8%
7Hanno Nickau18:4771.3%
8Phillippa Jones20:1870.9%
9Dermot McCann19:1170.8%
10Kevin Gleeson20:3167.1%
11Kit Villiers23:4865.3%
12Stuart Hathaway22:4661.9%
13Jack Griffiths24:5357.4%
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