Club Timetrial

Date: 02nd Sep 2021
Distance: 4m
Type: TimeTrial
Comments: Well done to Steve Rice, who last qualified for the Time Trial final in 2007, but carried off the magnificent Lineshot Trophy at his second attempt. Niamh's fine run went under the radar on the night because I set her off late and she finished in the pack. And completing the podium places, Kevin continued the Bagley assault on the Time Trial which has seen him or Jenny or both of them in the top three at every race this season. Many thanks to all of you who have supported the Time Trial this season. It started as an entirely virtual event and finished, more or less entirely live. See you all next April.
Time Taken Actual-Handicap
Steve Rice 31.07 -153
Niamh Simpson 44.12 -98
Kevin Bagley 29.48 pb -92
Will Farmborough 31.11 -89
Martin Lee 34.01 -79
Sean Collins 32.12 -78
Jenny McIntyre 31.46 pb -64
Harriet Brinton 34.30 -50
Pauline Bradley 33.08 pb -42
Duncan Henning 29.11 -39
Sarah Warbrick 33.24 -36
Rupert Cousens 24.34 pb -36
Jonathan Flemming 27.15 -25
Max Jackson 45.37 -23
Richard Skilbeck 24.12 -8
Nicola Oldroyd 28.52 -8 Fastest Woman
Alice Wood 37.04 -6
Oliver Neely 22.36 -4 Fastest Man
Jenni Bagley 45.36 36
Morten Lenholm 33.26 86
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