Conkwell Killer

Date: 26th Jul 2009
Distance: approx 8M
Full results:
Type: MT

This race took place at Winsley near Bradford-on-Avon. Described as approximately 8M, it turned out to be about 8.4M.

The first 3M of the race is along lanes to the west of Winsley. The lanes have thick, tall hedges; the road is just wide enough for one vehicle; and they just twist, twist and twist: yes, there are few straight bits! There are a couple of undulations.

After that, you go along the side of a main road as it plummets its way down 100m during the course of 1K.

The race then joins the towpath of the Kennet and Avon Canal not far from Limpley Stoke and not far from where some scenes of the film The Titfield Thunderbolt were shot. After about 1M, we ran across the Dundas Aqueduct, used a bridge to cross the Somersetshire Coal Canal, used another bridge to cross the Kennet and Avon, and then ran across the Aqueduct again, this time on the other side of the canal.

Whilst running along the towpath, I was delighted to see a boat I'd seen when I walked the Kennet and Avon Canal two years ago. The boat is called the Laura B; two years ago I took a photo of it because someone at work is called Laura B.

The hill that immediately follows is the reason this race is called the Conkwell Killer: the route is up through Conkwell Wood going up 100m in 0.5K.

Here are two photos of the Dundas Aqueduct with the Conkwell Wood behind.

The final section of the race takes a slightly different route around the lanes to the west of Winsley.

The race was well organised and well marshalled. There were refreshments (coffee, tea, real ale, bacon rolls) throughout the morning. The results were printed out promptly; the prize-giving was done promptly; and the results appeared on the web promptly.

first finisher
Barry Cornelius
last finisher
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