Devil’s Chimney Chase

Date: 19th Jul 2008
Distance: Almost 10km
Full results:'s%20Chimney%20Results%202008.pdf
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: Great little race with friendly village atmosphere on the edge of Cheltenham. Very spectator-friendly, starting at a rugby club below Leckhampton Hill (296m) after about 3miles the course runs along the skyline way above the finish field, before wiggling around to find the plunging descent straight back to the waiting BBQ. Here is a link to a picture of the Devil's Chimney (which I failed to notice!-Liz).
7Laurie Hurman41.151st V50
20Liz Barker45.402nd Lady
24Chris Colbeck46.04
25Richard Newhouse46.30
92Alison Barry55.021st Lady V40
116Mike Dunn58.34
118Marie-Anne Fischer58.44
125John Worth1.00.28
151Mary Russell1.20.14
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