Easter Bunny Dash: Club 5km race 1

Date: 07th Apr 2007
Distance: 5K
Type: Road
Comments: A very good turnout for the first of the club 5km races of 2007; no doubt people testing themselves out for Predictor 5 race in a few weeks time. Michael Worthington’s excellent time of 18:35 that saw him win the race on age grading, being joining in the distinguished 80% club by Julien and Vasily who’d led the runners home, and by Laurie and Chris. Let me know if there are any queries or errors in the results. For those unfamiliar with Age-Grading, results are expresed as a percentage of the expected world best in your age-group and sex.
Michael Worthington18:35:0085.2%
Vasily Zherev16:17:0084.6%
Laurie Hurman17:46:0083.1%
Julien Lhomme15:59:0081.2%
Chris Nellins18:30:0080.5%
Diane More18:35:0077.5%
Jim Thorne17:32:0077.4%
Lucy Burton18:36:0077.4%
Julian Hehir18:23:0076.0%
Dan Burton17:39:0074.8%
Sue Turner20:28:0074.5%
Ged Taylor20:31:0074.4%
Mike Davies19:51:0074.4%
Luke McNeill17:43:0073.2%
Marie Anne Fischer21:43:0073.2%
Hanno Nickau19:12:0072.8%
Matt Biglin19:15:0072.6%
Ita Kelly21:33:0072.5%
Dermot McCann20:01:0070.4%
Eirini Flouri20:37:0069.9%
Fraser Howard18:44:0069.3%
Yiannis Fitsakis18:48:0069.0%
Howard Marshall21:57:0069.0%
Tony Turner19:26:0067.5%
Hen Thorn21:31:0066.9%
Stuart Hathaway22:17:0066.3%
Rai Alsemgeest20:04:0064.7%
Alana Clark22:34:0063.8%
Lizzie Mitchell24:03:0060.4%
Richard Clarke28:02:0051.2%
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