England Veterans v Ireland Veterans 3K Race Walk, Leamington

Date: 26th Apr 2003
Distance: 3 km
Full results: http://a3.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/EAGwPiAkhHB0yYpFk1waXDlsOlNnWiA3jH-RVTt2eSiXGY-d5mrBnlhSCUASEB3sMgYHxYeqVHKybhmVUKMg2XUcFFcI2jgurWwjU01aOjVFR5tJk5t_y3ZOZEdO7fLLpn0AuA/Leamington.xls
Type: Road
Comments: 2nd England only because Mike Smith, current Midlands 10K champion, appeared for the race. I was told he had turned 40 the Tuesday before, but it was OK because he was still hung over . . . which sadly proved not to be the case.
3Graham ChapmanHeadington 15:022nd England, 2nd V45
16Pete RobertsOxford City(first-aid man at our Enslow XC)21:053rd V55
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