English National Cross Country Championships

Date: 19th Feb 2011
Distance: 6k/10k
Full results: http://www.englishcrosscountry.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=66&Itemid=73
Type: XC
Comments: There were a healthy 15 HRR-ers representing the club at this year's championships. Those of us who travelled up to the Peak District on Friday evening were greeted by a hefty snow fall on Saturday morning, which raised questions about us even getting there for a while. When we did eventually arrive, after a rather extended journey, the tent and admin area ressembled Glastonbury on a bad day. The mud-splattered juniors gave us a pretty good idea of what was to come. Both senior races were delayed, and the courses amended and shortened, apparently for safety reasons - though it was deemed safe for the men, but not the women, to drop down into the valley, and for the men to do so twice but not three times! The women's race ended up being three twisting, disorientating, undulating laps over the higher section of the course, mostly through ankle deep mud, which made it difficult to get traction going up even the modest hills. To top it off, there was a wide, water-logged section on the run-in to the finish. We did, however, miss out on the swamp in the valley and the rather large hill that the men were treated to. The beginning of the men's race is a real spectacle - a charge of 1,300 runners from the gun. Watching the front runners power up the hill was an impressive sight too. The fell runners among them were particularly easy to spot. HRR's women's team of Helen, Jude, Charlotte and Adrienne finished a very respectable 16th of 67. Sandra completed her first ever XC with a huge grin on her face - they're not all like this, Sandra! In the men's competition, Kit made a welcome return to Headington A, taking the scalp of a certain Ron Hill to bring the team home in 68th of 95.
Men's race
1Steve Vernon, Stockport35:11
455Richard Skilbeck46:54
537Andy Phelps48:04
763Laurie Hurman51:38
831John Griffiths53:01
908Mark Herd54:18
1289Kit Villiers1:17:33
1302last runner1:29:54
Women's race
1Louise Damen, Winchester23:49
78Helen Barnes28:02
119Jude Craft29:12
144Charlotte Harris29:56
152Adrienne Hopkins30:08
202Anne Edwards31:15
248Isabel Wreford32:00
396Helen Turley36:17
507Sandra Harding-Brown42:41
528Mary Russell45:01
552last runner52:22"
1047,1Julien Lhomme 1:14:10
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