Flora London Marathon

Date: 13th Apr 2008
Distance: Marathon
Full results: http://www.london-marathon.co.uk/
Type: Road
Comments: The day started in near perfect marathon conditions – if a little breezy. Warm spring sunshine under bright blue skies on a fresh spring morning boded well for the 35,000 runners lining up at the three well-organised marathon starts on Blackheath Common in south–east London. Once the race was underway the skies soon became overcast and the encouraging earlier weather soon gave way to cold heavy rain with stronger winds. In spite of this, the support of the spectators never wavered, with many thousands of enthusiastic supporters cheering the passing column of athletes, joggers and fancy-dress-wearers. The rain-sodden streets of east London, with occasional headwinds and cold oncoming rain, as the buildings of the docklands developments channelled the winds, provided testing conditions in the middle of the race – especially for the group of Maasai warriors from Tanzania, who were running in full tribal dress complete with heavy spears and sandals made from old car tyre carcasses. Many pubs, musicians and bands provided audible encouragement along the route with the regular water and Lucozade stations providing liquid refreshment. Conditions improved as the rain abated and runners started to dry out later in the race, only for subsequent heavy rain to soak those still on the course. Excellent support around the course for the Headington Runners during another fantastically well-organised London Marathon. Congratulations to all who finished. Please amend or add to the results below as appropriate. BIG THANKS TO FRANK FOR ORGANISING COACH SO WELL (Ross and others)
Martin Lel - Kenya2:05:15 course record
Irina Mikitenko - Germany2:24:14 first woman
Ian Meadowcroft2:52:14 pb
Ian Osborne2:58:38 pb
Gavin Bird3:00:38
Gerry Smith3:08:21
Sandra Wolanski3:20:08 19th VL45
Charlotte Harris3:30:41
Lara Massey3:32:28
Antoinette Meehan3:45:13 pb
Niki Meston3:45:37
Clive Slator3:46:14
Frank Bailey3:48:52
Rachel Shaw3:52:52
Philip Munday3:59:29
Geoff Burke4:07:56
Simon Kollberger4:35:21
Gill Evans4:37:50 pb
Ross Logan4:53:14 pb
Kate Castleden4:58:07 pb
Maureen O'Sullivan5:37:56
Julie Gardner6:20:57
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