Grand Union Canal Half Marathon

Date: 10th Nov 2013
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Type: MT
Comments: A nice flat half along a muddy toepath the rain had stopped and the morning was perfect for a race . About 1600 ran it in 3 starts 10 min apart. I targeted this race and was after a PB and would of been very happy to nip under 1.28 (my goal). But things seemed to go well and at 9 miles was 1 min under my target, I'm going to fast I thought I'll burn out , at 10 miles well under the target . 3 mile left just go for it I thought swing your arms Kenny swing your arms . And with a sprint finish I smashed my PB to bits by 2min18sec with a 1.25.52 never thought I get that ...........
Results: Kenny lowies  fin pos 14 gun 1.25.53 chip 1.25.52 pb
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