Hornton 6

Date: 26th Jul 2008
Distance: 6 miles
Type: Road
Comments: Excellent Headington turnout on a very hot evening. Tough racing conditions but perfect for the post-race barbecue! Sandra, Adrienne and Sue were first ladies' team.
1first runner32.35
6Vasili Zverev34.121st V40
21Laurie Hurman37.321st V50
27Richard Skilbeck38.41
39Chris Colbeck41.22
46Richard Newhouse42.07
48Sandra Wolanski42.171st V45
51Adrienne Hopkins42.332nd V35
56Nick Andrews43.34
57Matt Biglin43.39
72Sue Turner46.04
75Graham Norris46.15
81Bob Green47.10
95Andrew Sulley49.07
103Paul Brame50.46
105Alana Clark51.08
121Ross Logan52.30
122Kit Villiers52.39
135Kate Castleden55.22
136John Worth56.30
139Sheila Doel57.38
141Andrew Munday57.51
150Mary Russell66.36
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