Houghton 11K Trail Run

Date: 25th Apr 2010
Distance: 11km
Full results: http://www.houghton-trail-event.org.uk/show_results.php?event=11k_run
Type: MT

The Houghton 11K Trail Run is a gorgeous run that takes place around Houghton, a village in the Test valley that is about halfway between Salisbury and Winchester.

The course is mainly off-road: it starts with a long gentle climb along a rutted cart track; then down a rough tarmac lane; it uses a footbridge at a ford; and soon afterwards there is a narrow footpath that climbs gently up through a wood (where you are warned to watch out for tree roots).

The rest of the course is either flat or downhill, again on rough tarmac, on wide bridleways/cart-tracks or on grassy footpaths through fields (where there are two stiles). The route also goes through an extensive bluebell wood, passes a magnificently preserved disused railway station and uses several footbridges across the River Test.

Here is a link to a map of the course.

As well as the 11K run, there are also a 4K run, 14K and 31K cycle rides and a walk. The cyclists start about 15 minutes before the runners. Like others, I clapped as they set off. One of them (Daniel Kelly) was a teenager on a unicycle: he caused amusement as he made a running start to get on! I met some of the cyclists and walkers when I got to 8K. This included being passed by the unicyclist! I shouted some encouragement. Just after I finished, I watched three young men (The Jolly Boys) finish their 31K cycle ride, quickly ditch their cycles, pick up some water bottles and then start the 11K run (about an hour after every one else). I told them they were mad! They completed the 31K cycle ride in 1:33:06 and then did the 11K run in 0:59:00. The unicyclist finished his 31K cycle ride in 1:59:16.

I did the 11K run last year as well as this year. It appears from the results that this year I came first in my age category. There are no prizes, and so I think it's classified as a Fun Run by UKA. I highly recommend it.

first male
first female
Barry Cornelius
1st M60
last runner
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